You Are a Tree is an interactive experience where your body movements will control the growth of a tree! Branches will spread out, the trunk bend and the leaves grow - all based on your unique participation. When fully grown, you will see your tree join its peers in a vast forest of past players.

Each person will create his or her unique tree, be it large, small, spread out or spiky. It is not a game, since there is no right and wrong. It is an explorative experience, where each style is simply another way to express oneself - another way to be a tree.

Everything you see is procedurally generated the by player and there are no predetermined results. Using advanced motion tracking technology with the Microsoft Kinect™ your movements are mapped to the parameters of the growing tree.

You Are a Tree is for everyone! It is enjoyable for many different groups of people, since there are many ways to interact with it and no way is wrong. Some find it soothing, some find it fun, some go crazy and kids love it!

You Are a Tree is great at bringing people together! It’s suitable for public and private events, big and small. Conventions, museums and playgrounds; any place where many people gather or go through. Each player will leave a permanent mark in the forest of their peers.

The installation process is easy: all you need is a computer, a screen and a Microsoft Kinect™ . Once set-up, YA3 is self-going and does not require any supervision.